Day: May 1, 2020

When You Return to the Village

When you return to the village,
We will speak behind your back,
And curiously ask if at your age,
You have gotten some luck,
And brought with you a damsel,
For us to start ringing the wedding bell.

We will gossip you my brother,
And wonder why you are fatter,
Yet we know you are jobless,
Or why you appear thinner,
Yet you freely eat in your uncle’s place.


When you return with your car,
We will need explanations,
On which clansman you sacrificed brother,
To get the ride from the Freemasons,
The village auditors will provide an explainer,
On how you earn money over there.

Your return from the town,
Will be met with curiosity,
As we wonder why you have turned brown,
If that is the effect of beer of the city,
But do not mind about us brother,
That’s our nature-don’t bother.

Owino Ooko