The Most Unappreciated Talents

The world is filled with talents of all sorts. There are even bodies dedicated to awarding people with extraordinary skills. However, there are a set of talents we have, for reasons unknown, refused to acknowledge despite getting entertained daily with people bearing these unusual abilities.

Toilet graffiti artists

Long before the invention of mobile phones, there were things that used to keep people busy during calls, particularly in public restrooms. How these guys manage to divide their time between doing the business in hand and writing creative pieces on toilet doors is a mystery. Since the writer has been only in men’s washrooms, it is safe to conclude that these toilet writers have the rare ability of multitasking, something that most males lack (according to women). The world should not just write these toilet graffiti artists off because clearly they are talented.



We know them as manambas or conductors. We know that they are funny too. So funny that some of us avoid striking conversations with them because their witty responses sometimes leave us ashamed. One always wonders if one of the qualifications of becoming a manamba is to possess a weird sense of humor. We cannot also forget their talent in “forgetting” to give us our balance.


Back benchers

Almost all teachers hate them. The hatred is mostly justified. Backbenchers have some ways of triggering laughter in class. Whether it is banging plates when a teacher extends their lessons or farting in class, it must always be someone occupying the infamous space in class. The consoling fact, however, is that these hind lovers love sleeping in class too although this habit further escalates conflict between them and teachers.


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