Siaya: A blessed county run by a buffoon

The mere mention of Siaya paints a picture of poverty-ridden county full of fishermen attending campaign rallies or throwing stones. Although this stereotype is a big lie, of course, nobody in the county has made any attempt to positively market the county. Siaya suffers from one problem; it is a mighty region led by a clown.

It is not the first time I am referring to Raila’s cousin as an empty head. In overall ranking, the county has repeatedly trailed with some arid and semi arid counties surpassing it in development. This does not come as a surprise because the county boss thinks publicizing his photo in (illegal) Mock exams will make the place become developed by 2030.

Sere Rapids
A section of Sere Rapids in River Nzoia, Ugenya Subcounty in Siaya County

There are several ways the livelihoods of Siaya residents can be improved. The fist lies in tourism. Quite a few people understand just how spectacular Siaya County is. The region bordering Lake Victoria has sandy beaches that can be used to attract visitors. Multiple islands such as Ndenda and Koyamo can also serve as baits to lure tourists to visit the county. Lake Kanyaboli, the second largest ox-bow lake in Africa sits in Siaya County but we let domestic and foreign tourists believe that Kenya can only offer wildlife and the Indian Ocean. Gem Subcounty hosts the famous and spectacular Ndanu Falls while Ugenya brags of River Nzoia that is home to a huge hippopotamus population, multiple rapids and large waterfalls that, if properly marketed, can attract lots of tourists.

Despite all these, Siaya is never mentioned among the counties with tourism potential. Instead, all the county can brag about is an incompetent governor that has only build ECDs for the seven years he has been at the helm. It is a shame that no efforts can be made to at least make Kenyans know that Siaya has the largest number of professors in the country.

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