A Decade of Stress?

Followers of the Gregorian calendar are well into 2020. Whether they are happily enjoying or not should be left for them to decide. For some of us, however, the advent of 2020 is really scary. The year ushers in a do-or die decade, specifically for those born in the early and mid 90s. In the current setup, the society expects people to settle down and find bearing by the time they hit mid to late thirties. After completing basic education and pursuing a career in the mid twenties, one is expected to move from the Egypt of joblessness, single status, and poverty to a stable Canaan of the mid thirties where an average person should have a spouse, children, and a stable job. One should have also invested on earth (and in heaven for the faithful). When a new decade emerges in 2030, youths between 25 and 29 years old will be full adults in their late thirties unless they become politicians where they can remain youths until they hit seventy years.


What makes the decade more scary is that the born early 90s still lack stable jobs, are not in very stable relationships, and far from deciding what they exactly want in life. With less than ten years to attain full adulthood, many of these youthful chaps are afraid of this decade with its uncertainties.

Many of us within this age bracket have our eyes wide open to see how we will get money to build homes, advance studies, bring up families, invest, and carry out any other duty the society assigns before the decade ends.

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