Which Life begins at 40?

Quarter life crisis is killing some of us. Pressure from the society is stronger than ever. Each morning, something new emerges to overwork the already stressed mind. Friend A has married, Friend B has been promoted in their job, while D will graduate with Masters in 2 months. All this while, the poor us are still single, jobless, listed in CRB, and belonging to twenty different WhatsApp wedding groups and committees. Mid and late twenties are not some of the friendliest age bracket in human life. When chaps in this age bracket complain to the older people, the response is usually one; “wait until you grow older, life begins at forty.” But does life really start at forty?

Forty years paper confetti sign.

Forty is an interesting age. It sits right at the junction between youthful and old age. Those who have stayed for four decades somehow believe that at this point, everything falls in place and enjoyment sets in. However several reasons affirm that the number of years the Israelites took in the desert doesn’t automatically usher people into Canaan.


Once somebody completes basic education (tertiary level that is), death starts knocking on our brain. At forty, it becomes clearer that the Creator can set the appointment date any time. With the cancer menace, it is quite obvious that individuals in their forties have not started life. Rather, they are standing at graveside waiting for a small push to land in. At this age, almost every weekend is a funeral for a former classmate, friend, or workmate. Bearing mind that average life expectancy in Kenya is about 67 years, knowing that one has less than 30 years to live is not a consoling thought at its best.  At 1560 weeks, diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, osteoporosis, cancer and stroke also start to set in. With menopause for ladies and baldness for some men, there is absolutely nothing to smile at, at that age.


Whether one has a family or not, that aspect makes forty not a very lovely age. For those with children, the young ones usually have a lot of demand ranging from food to school fees or maybe posting weird videos online (sorry Consolata Kid). For the unlucky (or lucky depending on your point of view) who are still without family, the need to find a partner and settle down is usually overwhelming.

Financial crisis

There is no single age brackets where a person can claim that they have enough money. Forty, however, appears to be that time where financial mess is a reality. With pressure to invest, children to look after, loans to manage, and the desire to settle down, those who have seen earth for 480 whooping moons can easily find themselves facing serious monetary issues.

If one finds themselves starting life at forty, it means that there is a stage in life they skipped because there is no way life can start at forty for normal and ordinary people.

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