The Unending Final Examinations

The thought of doing the last exam has excited people ever since exams were invented (if at all they were). Students always think that the tests stand between them and good life. That is why a good number celebrate when they submit their last exam. But is it really worth the celebration?


Thrice in life I have celebrated sitting final exams that marked mega chapters in the book of my life. The first was KCPE. Like everybody else, I wanted to join secondary school, start putting on trousers, probably go to a boarding school and disappear from the village, and of course escape the cruel hands of my teachers and parent. Little did I know that the biblical fire and brimstone awaited me on the other side of bank of life. The struggles, bullying, beatings by prefects and teachers, and other miseries in paradise-turned hell are enough to write for lifetime.

After half a decade, came KCSE and again I couldn’t wait to exit high school and join university. My not so young mind was filled with academic Canaan where honey and milk abound. University students who had come for teaching practice convinced some of us that the institutions of higher learning swarmed with beautiful ladies, freedom, and HELB. University turned out to be full of empty pocket, starvation, regrets, and of course exams that I thought I had bid goodbye in high school.

Another four years of disappointments and my mind still did not learn for I treated the last university exams as the liberator, the last of the last exams and the pinnacle of academic excellence. Throughout the experience, one thing stands out; final exams always lead to worse conditions than the previous conditions and are not worth celebrating.

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