I weep for this land,
Where corruption has become a norm,
Where development fund,
In thieves’ pockets find a home,
I weep for this nation,
Where nothing goes right;
We live under the notion,
That corruption we cannot fight.

Take your shield and spear,
This pain we all feel,
Be in the front don’t fear,
This monster today we must kill,
Before it finishes us all,
We must exterminate it,
Else it will bring our downfall,
Creating a society we cannot fit.

Where are you brothers and sisters?
Save the nation and our future,
Be strong be fighters,
Speak out scream louder,
Our tomorrow is at risk,
We must save it
Let us make it our task,
corruption we must defeat.

Corruption has no tribe
Do not say ‘my people,
Alone they receive bribe
You don’t benefit it’s that simple
Let us join our hands,
And bring corruption to a stop,
We need to save our funds,
From these monsters ASAP!


Owino Ooko

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