Dear Teachers in North Eastern; Resign

I have grown up adoring my teachers. The way these men and women have impacted on my life is hard to go unappreciated. To me, teachers have always been a different class of human being. Even though I am grown up nowadays, I still find it hard to call my former teachers by name on their faces (even with titles like Mr or Mrs).

I find it disgusting when these anti ignorance soldiers are killed in North Eastern Region. The blame is usually shifted to Alshabaab although there are clear indicators that the locals are involved in this conspiracy. It is due to this mistreatment that I write this letter to the teachers in the region.

“I know you are not fine so I won’t bother with the formality of asking how you are feeling. It is quite sad that you are sacrificing your precious lives for people who consider you subhuman beings because of your race and religion. Nobody chose to be born a Negro; nobody deserves to call you ‘nywele ngumu’ as if it a problem. Is it worth your time and effort to give your all to people who are interested on the texture of hair on your head rather than the knowledge in your head? Constitution guarantees you freedom of worship anywhere in Kenya. It should not be a problem that you are a Christian in a non-Christian region.

We have grown tired of sympathizing with your colleagues killed. Regularly, we have to type RIP on social media, curse and throw blames around then we quickly forget and move on. It is not the same to the families of your slain colleagues. I therefore advise you to stop threatening the government that you will resign; do it. It is the most prudent thing to do. The money TSC pays you is not equivalent to the value of your life. Nancy Macharia may intimidate you but her office in Nairobi vaguely understands what it means to work in a place where you gamble with your life every second.

Recently Duale discouraged you teachers from resigning. He further said the government will provide for you security. Do you remember the list Duale promised some time back to name the terrorists from the region only to say rudely later that he owes nobody anything? Do you want to trust such a person? Mostly he stays in Nairobi but when he ventures in his region, he is accorded security you can only dream about. Furthermore, it is evident the government is not ready to assist you when you are attacked but will promptly avail aircraft (that you never boarded while alive) to transport your mutilated remains to your relatives.

The government believes security starts with you. I wonder the logical end of the statement. It doesn’t add up how security will start with you unarmed innocent person against people with guns compounded with radicalization. Leave that place until security measure is first put in place. Afterwards you may consider going back (if you truly have to).

I am not inciting you (I am too little to do that). Deep inside my heart I know you are intelligent beings. Leave North Eastern Region to its inhabitants. Let them produce their own teachers with soft hair on their heads who stick to the religion of the place. There are places where your services will be appreciated, where you will be treated as human beings and accorded the respect you deserve. As much as you people are bent on fighting ignorance, it is clear you are terribly losing the war. Let those people suffer due to lack of enough teachers. Until they realize they need others to assist them. If that does not happen, your value will never be appreciated; for people rarely recognize the value of what they have until they miss it.

If you still stick in that place, you will still be killed, we will still type RIP on social media, blame the government then do what we Kenyans have excelled in doing; accept and move on. Your family won’t move on unfortunately. The pain and loss will be unbearable to them. Those encouraging you to stay in the place will still earn their millions (that they don’t deserve) while enjoying themselves in Nairobi (and other safer regions in the country). It is not too late to decide.

May God protect you as you pack and be with you as you travel back to your regions. I wish you a safe journey back home.

Yours sincerely,
A pissed off Kenyan

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